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1.0   Introduction. 1

2.0   Getting Started. 1

3.0   Using the Report Navigator 2

3.2 Sorting report data. 2

3.3 Displaying reports for individual orders. 2

3.4 Exporting and Emailing report data. 3

4.0   Browsing laboratory sample information. 3

5.0   Laboratory Billing Manager 3




1.0   Introduction


Visual LabPro.Net Explorer is a revolutionary tool developed exclusively for analytical laboratories and their customers to track and manage their testing projects on the Internet.  The Visual LabPro.Net Explorer information system is compatible with most popular browser technologies and can be operated from most internet-ready devices.  The application fully integrates with the Visual LabPro.Net access administration system to provide the highest level of data integrity and protection available.


This guide will help you quickly get started using Visual LabPro.Net Explorer, and provide you with a general overview of all program features.  For more information about Visual LabPro.Net Explorer and the Visual LabPro family of products, please mail your inquiries to



2.0   Getting Started


Click on the link provided by your LIMS administrator or laboratory service provider to access the Visual LabPro.Net Explorer login page: 



Enter the user name and password assigned to you by your LIMS administrator or laboratory service provider.  After you are successfully authenticated as a valid Visual LabPro.Net Explorer operator, the Report Navigator page will be displayed.



3.0   Using the Report Navigator


The Report Navigator page displays all of your laboratory orders received over the last 90 days.   All of your laboratory reporting options are available from this page. 



Use the date selection controls located at the top of the page to change the date range and click on the “Refresh Button” located to the right of the date range to apply your changes and refresh the order summary report.


When the order summary report first appears, only the order information is displayed.  Click on the toggle button located to the left of the order number to drill-down to the sample information. 



3.2 Sorting report data


Order records displayed in the report navigator may be sorted by any of the columns listed in the order summary report by clicking on the sort controls located to the right of the column header.  When you first click the sort control, the records will be displayed in ascending order.  Click on the sort control a second time to display the records in descending order.



3.3 Displaying reports for individual orders


Most of your laboratory reports can be accessed from links contained within the laboratory order summary report.  Simply click on the order number link to access the Order Report Manager.  All of the individual order reports defined by your laboratory may be generated from the Order Report Manager.  Choose the report you want to display from the Report Type list control:



You may also generate laboratory invoices and quotations by clicking on the respective invoice and quotation links contained within the laboratory order summary report.



3.4 Exporting and Emailing report data


All Visual LabPro.Net Explorer reports may be exported in any of the following report formats:


·        XML

·        CSV

·        TIFF

·        Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

·        HTML

·        Microsoft Excel


Choose a format from the export selection list and click on the Export button to export the report.  You may directly email reports rendered as Excel or PDF files by choosing the mail options available in the Excel or PDF application.



4.0   Browsing laboratory sample information


Click on the Lab Sample Search link located at the bottom of the Report Navigator page to search for samples assigned to your laboratory orders. 





Options available from the sample search controls pertain to your company’s samples only.  For example, if one or more Drinking Water samples was assigned to one or more of your company’s orders received within the specified date range, Drinking Water would appear as one of the search options in the Matrix selection control.


Choose any combination of search options and click on the Select Samples button to display the requested samples.  Click on the sample number (1st column) to display the test results for a specific sample.



5.0   Laboratory Billing Manager


The Visual LabPro.Net Billing Manager provides you with complete control over all your laboratory billing information. Click on the Billing link at the bottom of the Report Navigator page to display your company’s billing information.  When the page is first appears, a list of all your company’s outstanding invoices will appear:



The sales total displayed at the top of the page represents the total of all selected invoices.  This value will change when invoices are selected or unselected by clicking on the checkbox located in the first column.


If a quotation was prepared for the invoiced order, you may click on the quotation link to generate the quotation.  You may also click on the invoice link to generate individual invoice reports. 






Visual LabPro.Net Explorer is a member of the new Visual LabPro.Net family of Internet applications.  For more information about Visual LabPro.Net and related applications, please mail your inquires to



 The authors have exercised due care in the preparation of this manual and the related software.  However, they make no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of the materials and specifically disclaim any implied warranties of their merchantability or fitness for any particular use. BayCom Information Systems reserves the right to revise this publication and software without notification.